Bad Intentions

To mark the beginning of this new year, the president of the most prestigious car maker in the world, the Automobili Lamborghini Corporation, spoke to its employees, customers and shareholders through a video clip of just over one minute (1 ’20 «) to express his intentions and plans for 2016. This statement has become a sensation over the network, (many of my modernist novices would say that has become ‘viral’). It’s amazing how this man can have such a power of persuasion and argumentative strength, good work and good thought, as he carries on his shoulders the weight of an Automobile Corporation, which is regarded in such a highest esteem, credit and reputation among all luxury car makers in the world.

In a profusion of imagination and good intentions, the President addressed the viewers of his video with the following beautiful and expressive words:

“Most of the planets’ inhabitants declare themselves in need of a car. This should lead to a dialogue among the car maker corporations. We should not stop dialoguing for it and collaborating with those who think differently.”

Then, in a very elaborate sequence of this video, four drivers appear, saying one after another:

– I have confidence in Mercedes.

– I believe in Audi.

– I believe in Lamborghini.

– I believe in Ferrari.

And the president continues:

“Many think differently, feel differently; and look for a car or find a car in different ways. In this crowd, in this range of car brands, there is only one certainty that we have for all: we are all drivers. ”

Once again, the four drivers repeat in the same order as before:

– I believe in cars.

– I believe in cars.

– I believe in cars.

– I believe in cars.

At last, in a splendid finale, the President said:

“I hope you will spread my wish request this month: That sincere dialogue among men and women of different car makers may produce the fruits of peace and justice”.

It was great. This very day, every car maker company in the world have congratulated between themselves and have congratulated the President for this message so bright and illustrative.

At the same time, shares of Lamborghini in world stock markets have collapsed. It seems that many shareholders are fuming with this message, and are reducing or cancelling their investments in the Company. To the point of demanding an emergency meeting of the Board of Lamborghini, hoping to find a way following the Statutes, of course to impeach the President for his intentions. It seems that the collapse of the Corporation for 2016 is inevitable. Those who have strength, may view the message here.

by Fray Gerundio de Tormes

[Translation by Miguel Tenreiro. Original post]

Fray Gerundio de Tormes
Fray Gerundio de Tormes
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